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As an independent and privately managed organisation, we can focus exclusively on client needs. Our team of professionals is ready to work with you on creating a total solution for your wealth planning needs. The advisory process with clients is based on understanding, collaboration, and results.

Portfolio Management

We have strategic partnerships with 11 major international private banks, where our firm is an approved asset manager on their platforms. Our team of experienced professionals combines a deep understanding of the market with institutional-grade research to deliver unique, unbiased, and actionable insights to our clients. By acting as a gatekeeper across all aspects of the investment cycle, we are able to deliver a total solution to our clients. Our advisors will guide your portfolio from investment analysis to risk assessment, position monitoring, and execution.

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Deal Sourcing

Blackhorn Wealth Management has an exclusive network and deal sourcing capabilities to access unique proprietary investments. Our close ties with some of the best-in-class private equity funds and their limited partners give us an edge in accessing loan investment and private equity deals across markets and industries, even within niche sectors like fintech start-up. The deals are typically structured in a way that will generate cash returns with appropriate downside protection.

Legacy Planning

Proper portfolio and legacy planning enables our clients and their beneficiaries to obtain maximum value through wealth transfer. Our professionals have access to a comprehensive set of tools to deliver meaningful results across multiple generations and jurisdictions.

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Real Estate

Blackhorn Wealth Management can help you secure structural financing and mortgages for real estate transactions in a variety of currencies and loan terms.


Our financing services are uniquely designed to assist you to operate efficiently and address competitive challenges while maximizing your profit potential. We can also help with sourcing financing for illiquid or unique assets and even help with lowering financing costs on existing loans.

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